"Our world is built on biology and once we begin to understand it, then it becomes a technology."

Ryan Bethencourt

Bio-remediation Projects

Bio-remediation Projects are planned and designed according to local environmental conditions and the availability of biological resources to treat contaminated waters. The project's design varies according to contamination levels, and the availability
of less or required land for the project also has an impact on the design. In case; land is less, water contamination
is high the man machines made can also be integrated appropriately.

Bio-remediation Projects' Construction Phases

The Bio-remediation projects planning and designing phases take time execute. The biological integration works like a living machine, and it takes some time to synchronize the process to involve natural forces; biological engineering, if it requires managing
an extra-ordinary organic and chemical load, mechanical equipment can also be used .

A beautiful Bio-remediation project was designed in such a way to generate resources for the sustainability of the project.
The ponds slope ratio was designed appropriately so that fruit trees could be planted.
The project's marginal areas were also utilized optimally with the irrigation of Bio-remediated water to grow exotic herbs, plant nurseries, produce compost of harvest plants, and raise fish in the last pond.

Bio-remediation Applications

Journey Bio-remediation moved across the county with the cooperation of local research, development, and corporate sector organizations, more than five hundred feasibility, research, awareness, and Bio-remediation construction projects.
A few examples of different projects are shared below...


Province Punjab

Province Sindh

Province Khyber PakhtoonKha (KPK)

Province Baluchistan

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