"States are not moral agents, people are, and can impose moral standards on powerful institutions."

Noam Chomsky

Institutes Set Examples

Public departments, institutes, and organizations work under and along with the political governance systems support in controlling the damage of political compromises to the justice system; in case maintaining water's rights and its judicious utilization could not be managed.

“Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms”.

The ongoing working style and capacities of any Nations' Institutes predict the socio-economic growth and position among the World's Nations. The legal and administrative organizations/institutes underpin every society from what the economists call an "enabling environment" to create wealth. But in the absence of strong institutions, the alliance can become dysfunctional, with both sectors colluding in the pursuit of social and political advantages at the expense of the general public.

A principal manifestation of a weak institutional framework is the ability to rule power elites to influence or usurp state institutions and public policy for private gain, effectively resulting in the privatization of public policy. While individuals or some segments within society benefit, this outcome is welfare-destroying for society at large. The institutes and departments working for the research and development of water resources in Pakistan need more care and facilitation to perform their responsibilities at the best. The water quality and quantity are threatened, primarily due to the lack of wastewater treatment and the unattended wastewater that cleans and sanitizes humans and becomes dirty. It requires to be treated, otherwise; it has multiple adverse effects on human, natural and freshwater resources health.

The bureaucratic and technical institutes followed the political governance's footprints
to avoid respectfully hosting, parking, or utilizing incoming surface and water from the sky.


Thought & Strategy Development Process of Political, Bureaucratic, and Technical
Research & Development Institutes

For the sake of maintaining transparency or a corruption-free system, speed and growth are generally compromised. It involves so my stakeholders and channels to finalize the process; thus, it retards the growth and sometimes need of the project is no more required. The delay in project processing is also mismanagement and ignorance of responsibility to hurdle national development and growth.
The system requires refresh and drastic changes to match the growth speed of the other nations.
The trust, honour and integrity of scientists should be maintained to serve with dignity and at the right age. There is immense pressure from management and finance offices, etc., to justify their ability and honesty to execute the project. The process of assessing the project concept and its relevance to the current issues should be reviewed and made simple with all safeguard measures to use public money.

Available water resources could not be managed and secured according to the population growth
to have clean drinking water for all and safe water for irrigation.


Institutes' Planning & Performance to manage clean water resources as per the growing population's needs...

Brief introduction of the Chapter-6

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