Kids are like a mirror; what they see and hear, they do.
We should present good models to keep the water clean and conserved.

water = life

conservation = future

Hi, I am Jia. I am studying in grade six (2022). My school is Islamabad Convent School, Islamabad, Pakistan. I started my journey with my father, Mr. Yousaf Riaz and my mother, Christina when I was in grade three. I want to share some information about our water resources. Used water contaminates our freshwater reservoirs; it harms fish and other life in water, and we cannot play with water. It spreads various water-borne and water-related diseases. It reduces peoples' working hours and harms our economy.
I am on the move to care for our used-water resources to reclaim for reuse.

Hope, I will not be alone. You will join me...

Hi kids! according to various research studies, our water resources are on the verge of destruction, and we got the responsibility to care for our water resources.
Our careless attitude depletes our water resources at an alarming speed. We can not continue this ignorance; it can threaten our lives and the lives of plants (our friends) and animals. Along with other challenges, it is a great challenge to maintain a healthy life.

How do water consumption and contamination increase?

We should use environment friendly washing products to help natural systems to keep water clean.

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