Family is the best thing one could ever wish for...

Yousaf is blessed with a family and friends to
stand with him for the cause, and joined
Journey Bio-remediation in the initial
stages and continue supporting
JB in ups and downs.

The world needs demonstration more than it needs teaching.

Wallace D. Wattles

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The family supported the cause, and their home became the water care sensitive home
to reclaim gray water for irrigation through Bio-remediation and rainwater harvesting
for irrigation of lawn and rooftop vegetable garden. wants all to care - water before & after use...

Even a single drop of rain and water from the supply is
considered a great blessing used efficiently and returning to
Mother Nature with minimum contamination. wants all to care - water before & after use...

The gray water from home
is being treated biologically, and
rain water harvested at different points.

It is difficult to throw away
rainwater as great blessing from
above to Riaz's family roof, it is collected
thankfully to irrigate rooftop vegetable garden.

With all
Jia the
takes care
of plants... wants all to care - water before & after use...

Charity begins at home, but should not end there...

Thomas Fuller

After the successful application of Bio-remediation concept for used-water rehabilitation at various research institutes and home. The family and friends empowered Yousaf to replicate it
at macro level for the betterment of all. wants all to care - water before & after use...

Mother’s feet touched
the soil of Bio-remediation
projects with her grandchildren
to bless the efforts to heal sick waters
through Bio-remediation Applications
keeping the water healthy and
clean for all.

The family and friends continue moral, financial and visiting
sites to support the Bio-remediation work...

Kids' Participation in Bio-remediation Work
(Family & Friends')

"Play is the highest form of research."

Albert Einstein

The vehicle Yousaf uses also talk about bio-remediation...

Yousaf can never lose sight of the people who
contributed to keeping Journey Bio-remediation moving....

Remarkable Contributions....

Mr. Munisf Riaz

Integration Manager (NBS Inc.)

Mr. Munsif Riaz, our younger brother, served sincerely the Bio-remediation Ways to reclaim used water for reuse.
He sensitively and dedicatedly supported the Journey Bio-remediation.
I was committed to looking after human polluted waters' recovery and my younger brothers' genuine followership gave me the courage to discover other sectors to continue serving neglected waters in the business arena after the lack of interest in the public and non-governmental development sectors.
We all went through complicated and challenging situations, being newcomers in the corporate sector to continue the Bio-remediation work.
We faced a hard time surviving in the market during 2018-20.
Unfortunately, facing multiple challenges, our beloved Brother Munsif could not survive a heart attack and brain hemorrhage on February 26, 2020.
He tackled grueling situations in the field and managed the market forces as front man to give us a chance to focus on R&D and promoting Bio-remediation applications.
It was an unbearable loss to our family and the cause.
We are grateful to God for his life to serve with us for the country's contaminated waters rehabilitation.

Mr. Sardar Masih Riaz

My father was a great person who raised me with the freedom to check my potential and live my life maximum. His courage and sufferings developed a soft path for the journey of my life. I changed my professional field as per academic learning to explore Nature's ways to reclaim polluted or wastewater; he did not oppose me. He facilitated me to check my abilities in another field to contribute something good to humanity and natural resources. I feel down for my shortcomings, but I commit; I will never let your efforts down.

Mrs. Parveen Sardar Riaz

My mother was a brave lady who loved but challenged us to scout, learn, and contribute the best to the people living around us. She always advised, “ don’t stay near shallow waters, go far and throw your nets in deep waters for good harvest.” Mom, I love you and will not be afraid of hardships to move forward.

Dr. Asif Riaz


Dear Brother, you are always there to help; you deserve great appreciation for standing beside me during the toughest ongoing span of the Bio-remediation Journey. You played a significant role in continuing the journey of Bio-remediation when my job to care for sick waters resources was discontinued as Director National Institute of Bio-remediation, NARC. You established an enterprise, "Nano Bio-Solution Inc." in the corporate sector to give life to the Journey Bio-remediation. I am happy to be a pioneer to initiate sick waters' care in the development and public sector. My brother Dr. Asif Riaz, CEO of NBS Inc., availed the opportunity to be the first scientist to organize a business concern to rehabilitate discarded used-water resources.

Ms. Rahat Riaz

Understanding the Power & Vulnerability of water...

Journey Bio-remediation...

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