Political/Democratic Governance System
Care & Management of National Water Resources

Nations have unique turning points due to any incident or change in leadership to socio-economic rise among the world’s nations. The two notable moments in Pakistan’s water story were exceptional; one was 1947-1981 to be a water prosperous country, and the second point was 1981-2003, where Pakistan entered into water stress conditions. These two turning points could not be managed with so many warnings from national and international organizations. As a result, the third stage is ready to have absolute water scarcity in the next few years.

During the democratic governance the political people could not realize the importance of water conservation for social and economic development and only about 350 million cubic meters were stored for strategic use to enhance agricultural and industrial growth.
The water storage indicator shows the priority and concern of the governance and management to keep the people healthy by using clean water and to grow vegetable and other food products with safe water.
The system could not perform well to cater the existing and upcoming demand of clean water.

Political will and working

For detailed analytical review of the subject, please read Chapter 4 of the book, "The Responsibility Ignored" by Mr. Yousaf Riaz.