about Yousaf Riaz's commitment; being an economist to assess the damages
to the water economy of Pakistan by ignoring the
treatment of polluted waters.

the findings showed that the Nation adopted
a significant ignorant attitude since 1947 toward the water management
using and treating it as per Nature's water cycle to sustain the Water Economy. Less than one percent of
total contaminated water produced from the domestic and industrial sectors is being treated rest of the polluted
water is released into freshwater resources for more biological / chemical contamination.

about Yousaf's water sensitivity and affectionate association
energizes him to raise his voice for the justice and rehabilitation of sick waters

not only information dissemination about the impact of mismanagement
of water resources on social and economic growth, but Yousaf also learned and
discovered local natural resources to treat biologically and chemically polluted waters

about Yousaf's success story to prove the concept of Bio-remediation
for Sick Waters' rehabilitation and established "National Institute of Bio-remediation"
at NARC, Ministry of National Food Security & Research, Government of Pakistan in 2008-09

about the sincere efforts of a person
who initiated at a smaller level to rehab contaminated waters;
got special attention from Mother Nature to serve Sick Waters at a larger scale.

Concept & Philosophy

About, waterman.pk

waterman.pk with his team observes the situation naturally, logically, socially, ethically, and
spiritually about the injustice of water after use

waterman.pk observes and foresees the consequences of ignoring
the care of water before and after use

waterman.pk’s analysis to find the reasons to ignore humans’ used
and contaminated water left untreated

  • used water is considered a non-useable and throw-away product
  • refusal of natural ways and adoption of expensive techniques  to
    treat humans’ contaminated water

the followership of Mother Nature
transformed an ordinary economist
into a water economist...

Yousaf thinks....

We can not continue contaminating water, which is Mother Nature's life-sustaining resource on Planet Earth.
There is a limit; Nature has her laws to punish the doers.
Some of us should realize it and do the needful.
Contaminated waters take lives and destroy Natural Resources, it is against Nature's Justice System.
Our actions should revitalize Natural Resources and make Mother Nature happy.