A Journey Powered by the Care of Sick Waters.

Journey Bio-remediation

A Journey Empowered to Keep Water Resources Healthy.

“It is good to have an end to journey towards;
but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Ursla K. Le Guin

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Yousaf's Journey Bio-remediation

Yousaf got a great start in his life; his parents gave him the freedom to choose educational & professional fields as per his free will. This liberty gave him a boost in his academic & professional life to make mistakes, learn, and grow. He tested his capacities, potential, and talent in different fields & learned various lessons. His Journey remained tough compared to living a life on a fixed pattern. The main focus remained on the theoretical and applied side of the environment, agriculture, and development economics. The early 18 years of his life spent living near the Cholistan desert; left an impression on his mind about water importance and conservation. He regularly studied the water economy and improved his fieldwork skills as well. He worked in various agro-based cottage industries; beekeeping was close to his heart; he learned bee management and worked on the economics of the beekeeping industry in Pakistan.
Yousaf trained more than thousands farmers in the beekeeping industry with the cooperation of national and international development organizations. Through all these, ventures; his dream was to maintain the quality of honey as per international standards and contribute his role to export honey for influencing the balance of payments. In some cases, importers from European countries visited the bee farms in rural areas, especially honey extraction facilities. They did not like the villages’ sanitation situation where local beekeepers used to extract and process honey. The village streets have open wastewater drains with overflow. He felt down about the situation and met one of the experts in wastewater management through Nature’s Ways.
He developed his interest in learning it for improving sanitation conditions. He visited several countries for advanced level training courses and visited some

Nature-Based Solutions operational projects for used-water treatment and reuse.
He found it cost-effective for the Pakistani Natural Environment. In brief, through all these interventions his Journey Bio-remediation was initiated and being an economist, it was full of adventures and learning. It allowed him to explore his potential and abilities to enter new fields of knowledge, learn new skills, develop patience, tolerate the nasty comments about his work for dirty water rehabilitation, maintain hope for good, etc.; Liberty in decision making is a great blessing; he got it from his parents to choose educational fields and professional careers according to his liking and natural aptitude. This liberty empowered him to overcome the fear of failure and perform at best, experiencing challenging targets’ hardships.
He took education as an instrument to be civilized and contribute to the community’s betterment. He kept learning new and improving these skills. When he looked back on his journey, he found himself in different positions working in government, development, and commercial sector organizations. During his journey, he encountered difficult situations. Bio-remediation did not give up and tried solutions out of the box to maintain a healthy speed of the development endeavors. The dynamic movement towards the destination requires fearless activities to keep an appropriate pace. He overcame the fears of failure and tried initiatives to improve people’s lives directly. He learned; we can not go out of Natural Laws or systems, we can have temporary solutions, but for sustainable solutions, we must follow Nature’s ways to conserve life on Planet Earth. In his professional Journey, he mainly focused on the economics of two major components; the first was beekeeping, and the second was Bio-remediation of used water.

Bio-remediation Process

The Bio-remediation application was developed to integrate
local aquatic plants, and microbial strains and manage the required
retention time of contaminated water. It also designed proper bio-civil engineering
applications to have used-water treatment under NEQS for re-use.
The prevailing temperature played a significant role to augment the treatment process.

Used-water Rehabilitation

Bio-remediation Applications Impact

Revival of Aquatic Biodiversity & Water Availability for Irrigation

Bio-remediation Facilities Add Natural Beauty

Charity begins at home

Yousaf started his
Journey Bio-remediation
with his family from Home
(Caring Fresh & Used-water Resources)

Yousaf Biologically treats gray water
from his home and harvests rainwater
at different points of the home.

Yousaf uses treated gray and
harvested rainwater for his home lawns
and roof top vegetable garden.

Yousaf's family

Stays with him to support his Journey Bio-remediation...

Yousaf's Kid

Helps him to keep Journey Bio-remediation moving with kids...