A true story of a Man who could not ignore the cries of Sick Waters...


About Us

A person who observes the situation logically, ethically, and emotionally about the injustice of water after use
An economist’s commitment to foresee the consequences of ignoring the care of water before and after use
The economist’s analysis to find the reasons to ignore humans’ used and contaminated water left untreated

Used water is considered a non-useable and throw-away product
High cost on the treatment of contaminated water

The followership of Mother Nature transformed an ordinary economist into a water economist
The bio-remediation application viability process on technical, scientific, and economic effectiveness grounds
Founding the National Institute of Bio-remediation (NIB) at the National Agricultural Research Institute
The research and development activities at NIB and with the coordination of research institutes at federal and provincial levels
Introduction of Bio-remediation Applications in other countries
Yousaf Riaz’s recognition and appreciation at the national level to initiate activity securing freshwater resources from contamination

About Us

Yousaf thinks....

We can not continue contaminating water, which is Mother Nature’s life-sustaining resource on Planet Earth.
There is a limit; Nature has her laws to punish the doers.
Some of us should realize it and do the needful.
Contaminated waters take lives and destroy Natural Resources, it is against Nature’s Justice System.
Our actions should revitalize Natural Resources and make Mother Nature happy.

About the man who felt the pain of Sick Waters and equipped himself with the intellectual and technical knowledge; to diagnose and treat the illness of contaminated waters, getting them well to nourish the beautiful Natural Resources of Planet Earth.